The main goal of the cooling system is to stay cool in the summer as well as stay warm. The engine is just like your body in that it needs to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

You do your best to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Your engine is no different. We have the know-how to keep your engine running at just the right temperature.

Your car’s radiator works to prevent your engine from overheating, so keeping on running.

At Auto Stop we can diagnose any radiator leak and perform leak checks and diagnose of your cars cooling system.


Radiator Fluid Exchange

Radiator Repair

Cooling System Diagnoses


Fluid Exchange

Over time, your car’s fluids become dirty and eventually depleted. We’ll have you running clean again in no time.


Your car needs fluids like you need water. If the fluids are too low or dirty, you won’t be going very far.


If you see a puddle under your car, you may have a brake fluid, oil, transmission fluid or power steering fluid leak. We’ll flush these fluids and get you restocked with the good stuff.


Oil Change

Brake Fluid Exchange

Transmission Fluid Exchange

Coolant Exchange

Power Steering System Fluid Exchange